Mini-Asteroid Swarm
Mini asteroid swarm small
Basic Details
Structure 11
Starlane Speed 60
Fuel Capacity 4
Detection Range 25
Stealth 40
External Slots 2
Cost 5 PP
Build Time 3 turns
Required Buildings Basic Shipyard

Asteroid Processor Asteroid Reformation Processor

Unlocked By Techs Mini-Asteroid Swarm
Special Properties
Stealth Bonus 20 when in Asteroid Belt
Shield Bonus no

This hull is constructed from a small asteroid, much of which has been broken off to form numerous tiny asteroids, which are controlled by the main hull. These asteroids protect the main ship. This hull gets a large bonus to stealth on the galaxy map when it is in a system with an Asteroid Belt, and in combat when it is hiding in an asteroid belt.

This hull does not provide any shield bonus, opposed to what Pedia states.